Nutrition Station Loyalty Terms and Conditions

1.       By registering with Nutrition Stations NU CRUs¡¯ Loyalty Program, you are consenting to the terms and conditions that are outlined in this agreement.


2.       In order to receive the benefits provided by the NU CRU Loyalty Program, you must provide a valid email address. Although, you have the right to decline receiving emails from us.


3.       For purchases made within any Nutrition Station store, you will be awarded 10(ten) points per $1 (AUD) spent in-store in one or multiple transactions, unless otherwise specified.


4.       In the event Points are being issued to NU CRU members, it will calculated on the total paid amount of the sales transactions, and be valid for a period of 12 months.


5.       Unless warranted by law or stated in this agreement, points are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash, furthermore cash change will not be given even in the event that all points are not used in one transaction.  No other earnings or interest on funds deposited to a NU CRU card will be paid, accrue or be credited to you by Nutrition Station.


6.       In order to earn points, you will need to first collect a card from a participating Nutrition Station store and activate it via a purchase. Points will be then transferred on your NU CRU card after each transaction at a ratio that is specified in point 3.


7.       Before redeeming points you must first register your card on , ensuring that all fields are filled out correctly and truthfully. You should be able to redeem Points within 24 hours however you must spend a minimum of 350 Points.


8.       Points can be redeemed for any food or beverage product within a participating Nutrition Station store (subject to availability) at the retail price in-store.


9.       One Hundred (100) points is equivalent to one AUD ($1 AUD).


10.   Minimum redemption amount is 250 points.


11.   Under no circumstances will Nutrition Station accept responsibility for incorrect information provided by you on web forms or the like.


12.   NU CRU rewards cannot be used in union with any discounts offered by Shopping Centre retailers, and also other card based promotions such as ¡°Buy 1 get 1 Free¡±.



13.   Nominated stores must be notified, where you plan to use your Points to make purchases over $50(AUD), to ensure sufficient stock is available.


14.   Nutrition Station may run promotions for NU CRU members. Unless otherwise specified, these promotions will be subject to these Terms & Conditions.


15.   Each individual is permitted to only one NU CRU card and account.


16.   NU CRU cards have a maximum of 20000 Points.


17.   Nutrition Station will attempt to ensure that all points are correctly awarded to the right customer. Although Nutrition Station takes no responsibility for any errors that may occur with crediting points to NU CRU cards.


18.   If your card is stolen or misplaced, log in to your account using your username and password and click ¡°Activate Card¡±, and fill out the necessary details. Note that your old card will be cancelled after completing this procedure.


19.   While every effort will be made by Nutrition Station to transfer points from lost or misplaced cards to the new NU CRU cards, Nutrition Station does not take responsibility for any points that may be lost in the transfer process.


20.   Nutrition Station staff maintain the right to refuse NU CRU cards that are suspected of being used fraudulently, unauthorized or unlawfully. If the situation were to arise the NU CRU account and card will be cancelled and all points remaining will be lost.


21.   Nutrition Station staff maintain the right to ask NU CRU card holders for photo identification, that may be in the form of a Proof of Age car or a valid Driver¡¯s License, too ensure the NU CRU card belongs to the customer present.


22.   No fees are charged by Nutrition Station for the registration, issue, activation or use of the NU CRU loyalty program.


23.   In the event that the internet connection within a Nutrition Station store becomes disrupted or disconnected, you are only able to earn Points and not redeem Points. To earn Points the store manager must sign your receipt and it must then be emailed to


24.   Information collected from customers that sign up to become a NU CRU member are subjected to the Nutrition Station Privacy Policy


25.   Nutrition Station maintains the right to change these terms & conditions. If this occurs the terms and conditions on the website will change, and you may also be emailed.